In-home pet care

Nothing is better than the comfort of home for your pet! No more pick-up times. No more noisy kennels. NO MORE WORRIES!!

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Pet Taxi Services

Need help getting your pets to the groomer’s, doctor's, or to buy supplies- food, meds, etc? We've got you covered.

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Peace of Mind

Having peace of mind is Priceless for the welfare of your pets. We customize visits to fit you and your pet's needs.

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We love using Savvy Pet Sitter when we go on vacation. Our pets are so relaxed and calm when we return, it's like we've never left.

The Village
  • A cat and his throne savvypetsitter
  • Fur baby savvypetsitter
  • Sweet little face savvypetsitter
  • Cutest old man ever savvypetsitter
  • Ears with a life of their own savvypetsitter
  • Moose Moosey Moose Bear Love this guy savvypetsitter  hellip
  • Taking it nice and lazy this Saturday morning savvypetsitter
  • Lauren our newest Savvy family member is already making besthellip